My Saturday, whats yours?

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It's a typical Saturday. I went to church at 4pm and listened to the word of God. I was inspired with these words, "Do not worry. Instead of worrying, PRAY"

Worry is something you learn from your (1) experiences and (2) from examples. First, you learn to worry from your experiences for example from your failures and unfulfilled dreams,  you discovered that things don't always turn according to what you expected. Second, you learn to be anxious because of the people around you. If you are born with anxious parents then there's a big chance that you will become an anxious person too. Since the attitude of worrying is a learned response to life then it can also be unlearned.

The very important thing to get rid of "worrying" is to realize that it is USELESS. Worrying can bring no good but it only adds to the problem. Worry has never changed anything. It cant change the past and the future. It has never solved a problem, never cure a disease, never pay the debt. It only gives you a heavy heart. Like what the bible says " An anxious heart weighs a man down" (Proverbs 12:25).

Now, the main solution is to talk to God about what's worrying you.  Give all your worries to God and let him have those worries. He is the one who can do something about all your worries. Again, DO NOT FRET or WORRY. Instead of worrying, PRAY.


Saturday Rush

My sister is in Cagayan de Oro, right now. She will be taking her nursing board exam tomorrow @ 7am. She brought her white  school uniform and the instruction was to wear a scrub suit or a clinical uniform. Duh? Totally wrong uniform! She called me and asked a favor to send her clinical uniform! Oh my sister. It's like 5-min ride to CDO? It's not! It's far! I was rushing to the bus terminal to give her clinical uniform  to her friend who will also take the nursing board exam tomorrow @ CDO. Lucky I was able to hand the uniform! RUSH delivery!


Funny Movie :  ALL ABOUT STEVE

I was watching this movie a while ago. It is so funny! Sandra Bullock is so funny. She was obsessed with the guy name Steve who actually doesn't like her. Sandra keeps following Steve and of course, Steve was annoyed with her and told her " Go! I don't like you". Found out more by watching "ALL ABOUT STEVE"