Early Plans for Valentines

7:32 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Two more months and we will be celebrating Valentines day. This February, the love month will be a great day for lovers. The day to celebrate and give gifts to our love ones. This is also a good chance to  tell our feelings to the one we love.  Do you agree with me? Anyways, I have an early plans for this coming Valentines Day. I want to have a dinner date with my boyfriend because It's been a while since last time we had a dinner date. I also want these two clock necklace... one for him and mine.

Photo from redenvelope.com

I have cause a lot of pains to my boyfriend. I hurt him many times but still he is here with me. He never left me. That's why I want to pay him back. I want him to know that despite the things I've done I do still love him and want him to stay around forever.  This bracelet would be a great symbol of our love which goes around and around. Our love follows one path and goes back to the same path. Just like a cycle.

Photo from redenvelope.com

This valentine would be the perfect time to tell him that I love him too. I want to let him know that I care for him. Hmm... I am planning to give him a loving gift from Valentines Day gifts as a sign of my love. I hope everything would go well this Valentines Day.