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Right, when we hear of a grandmother, we always think of someone and not of something. Grandma, as we call her. She is the sweetest person next to our mother. She takes good care of us too.

But wait, how about grandmother clock? Is that clock sweet also? Does she takes good care of us? Oh well, let's find out.

We all know of grandfather clock. We know there was a song of grandpa clock when we were young. Oh well, grandma clock hope you have a song too.

A grandmother clock is like a grandfather clock but a little bit smaller than grandpa clock. Grandmother clock could be a sweet thing too inside the house. It can wake you up, because she tells you what time it is. Or if you want someone to look up to, well, grandmother clock is very much willing to be with you. Stare and waste your time with grandma clock, and feel her beauty. Oh yes, grandmother clock is a beauty too! Anywhere inside the house is a place for grandmother clock. It adds beauty and elegance. You can place it on the living room, dining room, kitchen, or if you want place it on your bedroom. But please, don't take it at the bathroom, take good care of it. A grandmother clock is a precious thing inside your house. It may be one of your source of pride for your home, an attraction, and something to cherish to. It can be passed from generation to generation. A legacy for your family.

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Oh my, I'm running out of time. Thanks for that clock.