I am a foot flusher

8:29 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Whenever I use public Comfort Rooms, I don't use my hand to flush the toilet instead I used my FOOT. Yes, you heard it right! MY FOOT! I don't know but it's been my habit to flush using my foot. Maybe, because touching that  thing (what do you call the one use for flushing? flusher? Lol) is quite DIRTY! Yes, DIRTY. We never know who touches it... who knows the person before you has Herpes or something communicable disease. Hahaha.. I am so paranoid about it! Anyway, I'm really a foot flusher... I feel sorry to those who use the toilet after me... especially to hand flusher! You get all the dirty in my shoe. HOW ABOUT YOU? ARE YOU A FOOT FLUSHER TOO?