Puppy Training

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Having puppies at home is fun and exciting. They are cute and cuddly. They run around the yard, play with you, lick you and show their cute little faces to you. Puppies are just so fun to be with but puppies sometimes are hassle especially when they poo and pee everywhere. Also, puppies can be so wild, messy and hyperactive. They also got this nature of being a biter. Yes, they bite you even if you two are just playing.That is what puppy really is. But hey! You can train  your puppy to behave and be an obedient  pet. However, patience is very important.

I have three young dogs before namely 2b, spike and tuffy. They were so obedient. They understand the words "out", "no", "sit", "fetch" and many more. I trained them with the help of my family. I used the reward system. Every time they get the right task, I gave them a piece of food. I was doing it all the time. However, after how many months I tried to train them using "alternate method". It means, I give them food this day when they follow my command and the following day no reward or food. I did this over and over again until they learned to follow the task without a reward. The method I used was a successful one. My puppies learned to follow all the commands I taught them. But if you don't have enough time to train  your dog/puppy, you can hire  a trainer to do it for you. Expect to spend some of your dollars. But if you like to train your puppy by youself, you can do it. I have known one site that provides a Puppy Training guide.

TheDogTrainingSecret.com is a good site  when it comes to dog training. It covers everything from potty training, to leash training, to dog aggression and so much more.  They also offer .pdf's videos, and audio downloads for you to use. You will learn a lot of secret things about training your dog/puppy. This site will be helpful.

Before I end this post, remember that training a puppy is not easy and it needs hard work and patience.