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I have a patient who is suffering from knee joint pain. I could not imagine how painful it is because when I asked my patient's pain scale, he answered 10/10.  That's totally painful. He even moan because of the pain he is suffering. He cannot sleep and he cannot stand because of the pain he is feeling. I asked him if he took his medication steroids ... he said he took the medication but still his arthritis attack him. The pain is progressing... the doctor ordered Tramadol and his pain was relieved but reoccur after 4 hours.

I took care of him and help him relieve that pain through comfort and nursing interventions. But it was not effective at all... The pain is still 10/10. I referred it to the doctor and he was given another higher pain reliever. And yes, it was relieved but temporarily. 

I pity him.... he was really in pain. I could tell it that was in great pain... I didn't know that Arthritis can cause so much pain. Gosh, what a pain disease.