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Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan which covers over millions of population including the metropolitan area. It has been a site for some of America’s great heritage, culture, music, and history. Detroit is also one of the most famous cities in the world which attracts great deal of tourist and immigrants every year. And let’s not forget the cars! -The automotive capital of the world, where auto barons lay there mansions and build their cars. Home of the famous GMC (General Motors Company), Ford Motor Company and Chrysler Group LLC. Cars are everywhere at Detroit.

Culture - Detroit has one of the most fascinating cultural scenes in the nation. As a city vibrant, lost and now in recovery, it's a place both raw and refined, with realistic street art and edgy theater, as well as remarkable museums and architecture. Yet, like many other things about the city, the culture there is subtle and discreet - it requires seeking out - but its impact is and always has been significant.

Motown, Techno, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Hip-Hop. Detroit not only built cars and companies, but also the sounds that revolutionized the world. Ever since in the 19th century, Detroit has been into Broadway musical at theatres across the city. It has been also the place for popular music legacies and artists.

That’s why you have to love Detroit. It is a great place to live in (considering its geographical location at riverside of Detroit River). And Of course, if you want to move there, Detroit real estate is also at high quality. Properties and homes are very much available and well furnished. You should check and see their houses and condos that are situated at the riverside of Detroit River.