Food Poisoning Problem?

3:58 AM Ritz 0 Comments

Have you ever heard of players skipping their games because of some food poisioning? Well, I heard a lot of it, especially in the NBA. It even pains for us to hear having food poisoning in schools too where school children suffer from it.

Usually food poisoning's common type generally starts within 2 - 6 hours of eating the food, but still the time may be shorter or longer, it just depends on its cause. The possible symptoms for food poisoning include; abdominal cramp, diarrhea, fever and chills, headache, nausea and vomiting and body weakness.

If ever you got something of it, you can get a Food Poisoning Attorney in order for you to be compensated of the expenses you incurred during those times you had been suffering. Besides, it's not easy being sick nowadays.