I like it!

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Look at the sofa bed mattress, I like it. It looks comfortable and looks neat. It is simple yet looks elegant. I also like the bed too. I can put it anywhere in the house with the bed mattress, of course. Or maybe, I can offer it to my friends who will sleep at home during our movie marathon!

That sofa bed mattress is a product of Mattress Insider. I've read the features/advantages of the mattress from their website.

1. It is comfortable and can relieve body pressure points.
2. This sofa bed mattress has been used in Luxury Hotels and even in Five Star Resorts. Yes, you heard it right. It has been used by famous establishments.
3. The sofa mattress is cool to touch and breathable.
4. It is dust mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. That means, those who are sensitive to allergens or dust mite... this is best for you.
5. Soft and Clean.
Those are just some of the advantages. Go to their website for details.

I am very sure that my friends would love to have this at home. They can sleep comfortably... Oops, I hope they won't stay at the house forever because of this. Tsk. They will be a big problem if they will stay at home. . This replacement sofa bed mattress will definitely make our (friends and I) sleep nights good.

"If you find the same or comparable mattress for less, we will beat it by 10%!!" Gosh, I like them more. Makes me want to buy one. Uh-huh! Or should I say... Mom, can you buy me one? I would love to have like that one around at my room.