I'm not expressive...

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... /sweat I am sorry... This is who I am. This is what I am. I've been bringing this attitude since the day I was born. It's awkward for me to do things that I am not used to. I love silently. I care secretly. I do. You just have to make use of it. I am sorry.

I am not like with other girls who can show their love publicly. I have my own way of showing it. Do not compare because each of us has it's unique way of showing love. You, you have your way of showing it too... so I am.

I don't want you to change me. I want you to accept me. Thank You.


Cant say I dont love him
Still I cant pretend
That my heart is torn just knowing that Im losing my bestfriend
If its easier said and done
Then someone tell me why
Though I try,
I cant find the words to say goodbye

I could tell him that Im sorry
Hope he'll understand
He will have to do with someone else
All that we have planned
Id rather him hear the truth
Than hurt him with a lie
So I tried,
But I cant find the words to say goodbye

Now I know
I have to go
Theres no other way
But goodbye is not what I can bring myself to say...

If I told him "see you later"
Then I might be wrong
cause this voice inside is driving me
To find where I belong
I know I must leave him now but everytime I try,
Dont know why,
Ibut I cant find the words to say goodbye...
Dont know why,
I cant find the words to say goodbye....