Valentine's Day

11:50 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Valentine's Day is coming! I don't know if I should be  happy or sad during that day. I don't have a Valentino. Err. Who said that Valentines Day is only for lovers? Duh! Nobody! Valentines Day are for everyone! It is for friends, best friends, family and relatives.

Valentines Day will be the best moment to show love to everybody. How? Hmmm.. maybe you could offer service, give gifts like Seiko kinetic Men's watches? Or maybe you could give a hand and help your mom cook for dinner? That would be good, right?

This coming Valentine's Day... I plan to go to a beach during sun set with my best friends. We will then eat, chat and watch the sun set. We will then share our love experiences, love aches and love happiness. ^^ Oh! I can't wait. How about you? What's your plan for this coming Valentines? Go on date with your partner? Spend time with your family? I hope you will have a good Valentines! Very Advance Valentines Day!