Your lost is my lost

9:03 AM Ritz 0 Comments

My boyfriend's cousin was pronounced dead last night. A 21 year old man died from stage 3 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Things went fast.... the symptoms and signs appeared rapidly... bleeding, delirium, fever, vomiting and etc. I could not imagine in that short time he died.

Dengue Fever is such a dangerous disease. I could remember the times when my brother was also suffering from Dengue Fever. He was put on ICU (Intensive Care Unit). He was put on strict care. Even I can still remember how my mom and sisters were crying thinking that my brother would die. He also suffered the same symptoms as my boyfriends cousin... but my brother survived the tragic event. He lived.

Each of us has different immune response to a certain disease... our immune system varies... some has strong immune system but others got weak immune system... But medical intervention can help us. Early treatment can help. In the case of my boyfriends cousin, he was confined in a provincial hospital for a couple of days and was transfered to a good private hospital but it was too late already.

Hays, I don't want to say something anymore. I am just shocked of how fast the disease can stop one's life. His his body is in the funeral now... and my boyfriend is also there to support his family. Sadness... sadness surrounds the atmosphere. :(