Radiant Floor Insulation

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Radiant Floor Heating has become popular especially in homes and commercial buildings. Anyway, what is radiant floor insulation? This is the most effective type of insulation to use in making your radiant floor economical. This is designed to resist corrosion when in contact with concrete. This insulation is stronger and easier to install. The Radiant Foil reflects 97% of radiant heats rays back toward the flooring, that allows your heating system to operate more efficiently.

How does it work? Below are illustrations oh how this floor insulation are used:

Radiant Heat in Concrete Floors
Radiant Heat in Wood Floors
Radiant Heat in Sub Floors 
This radiant barrier insulation is inexpensive and has a great value and energy efficiency. It is not harmful to our health too.Foil insulation reflects the radiant heat away from the surface and helps reduce energy bills and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.For more information just visit buyfoilinsulation.com. They are willing to answer your questions or you can give them a call.