Accidents Happen

6:52 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Accidents are inevitable, it cannot be stopped nor prevented. Once it happens there’s no turning back anymore… It’s a bitter or sweet taste for everybody >.<. Accident is considered to be one of the most causes of death in the world. And somehow, most people consider accidents as a fate not as a choice (whether good or bad). However, our clumsiness can also be the reason for it to happen, and sometimes we choose to be there knowing the risk of accidents that exist.

Accidents can come up with two different results, BAD and GOOD. Good Accidents can be a form of: Columbus discovered America and two love birds bumped each other and got married by tomorrow (LOL). While BAD accidents can be devastating, death, injuries or worse. Good thing theirs a no win no fee service that we can count on if we get injured by someone else’s fault and government departments that can help us in these situation.

Both results can be fate or choice, it’s up with the person where to believe. As long as society approves it, then it’s okay what to believe.