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I can feel the heat of summer and it is so HOT! Damn Hot! It penetrates down to the core of my skin. You feel the same way too? I bet! Lately, it's been so hot, hot that even rivers are dried up and when you are walking down the streets you’d feel like walking bare footed on a street with maxed underfloor heating. Oh , how I wish that it will rain today! Is it possible to rain on summer days? I heard there is a storm coming from the east. Can it come sooner? LOL, It wouldn’t be good calling for a storm, it will wreck everything for good >.<. Nah, so many storms last year and we hated it, now there’s no single drop of rain, now we want it back. How can the world be contented? Impossible, no man can be contented with his life, even if he is the richest man of the universe…

Temperature is rising up to 40 degrees centigrade… can we really do something? TV ads often say that we can do something, but I am certain that I can do nothing just by myself. Just go on with life and just wait for the rain to come, that’s what I would do if I were you. But I do wish that rain could come sooner…>.<