Alice in Wonderland - Box Office Hits and Fancy Dress Tea Parties.

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This is a sponsored guest post written by Michael Jessop on behalf of Fancy Dress Outfitters. Post powered by Sponzai.

Tim Burton’s latest film has caused movie goers to flock to cinema to see his attempt at Alice in Wonderland.
The Lewis Carroll classic has had the Burton touch with his surreal style supporting the incredibly surreal storyline. Burton’s A list phonebook has brought his good friend Johnny Depp into the role of the illustrious Mad Hatter and his wonderful partner Helena Bonham Carter as the brilliant Queen of Hearts. With such a magic combination in front and behind the camera, it is no surprise that the result is nothing short of mesmerising.
Queens of Hearts

Burton et al have managed to capture Carroll’s fantastic characters with a mixture of incredible acting, excellent direction and stunning special effects, not to mention the gorgeous costume design. The characters depicted in the film are dressed head to toe in mind-blowing outfits increasing the demand for an already popular fancy dress theme.
Cult classics such as Alice in Wonderland often create great Fancy Dress characters and this year’s film is no different. Such iconic characters such as the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and of course Alice herself, are bound to create a buzz in the world of fancy dress. Alice in Wonderland Fancy dress parties are springing up here there and everywhere offering an Alice in wonderland tea party experience for anyone dressed to match the occasion.
Alice in Wonderland
With whispers on the grapevine that Tim Burton is looking to team up with Angelina Jolie in Sleeping Beauty for his next film, we are looking forward to another Tim Burton masterpiece as well as the sleeping beauty fancy dress parties spreading worldwide.
In the meantime, don your hats and Alice costumes and fall down the rabbit hole.