Balinese Tradition Gives John Hardy its Flair

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John Hardy jewelry is inspired by the Balinese jewelry-making techniques that John Hardy learned when he moved to Bali in the 1970s. These ancient skills can be seen in many of the company’s artistic pieces today.

John Hardy jewelry is revered for its sterling silver designs created with four traditional Balinese techniques. Rantai, or woven chain, is a method used for necklaces and bracelets. Taking several days, the rantai pieces are shaped and tempered by repetitive hammering and heating of the metals, which are woven into finished pieces often with gemstones. The customary Balinese technique ukiran, or cut work, is used to cut-out shapes in the metal, lending both figurative and abstract designs. Fine silver is woven, using the tenun, or woven mesh technique, into intricate chains and the jawan, or granulation method, is used to flatten metal. These Balinese techniques are what gives John Hardy jewelry its signature look and show the craftsmanship of this brand.

John Hardy jewelry showcases several long-standing collections that bear the Balinese techniques that inspired this exceptional company. The Bamboo line consists of gracefully curved silver bamboo saplings and leaf shoots bent into stunning artistry. Silver that resembles reptile skin, the Coil collection wraps serpentine coils around fingers and wrists to create a signature look. The vintage appearance of the Dot collection is created by the jawan method where granules are flattened into the dots that define these silver and gold masterpieces. Kawung, an ancient Javanese design meant only for royalty, resembles a four-pedaled, intricate flower and is the focus point in this collection’s pieces. The Kali collection’s inspiration comes from the water-smoothed rocks found in Balinese streams and the Palu collection, named after the metalsmith’s main tool, the hammer, features a primitive hammered look that is sure to draw attention.

The intertwining of ancient Balinese artistry and modern fashion keeps John Hardy jewelry in the forefront of jewelry fashion.