Gold Investment

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Gold investment has increased dramatically in the last 5 years. It is one the most profitable investment because the value of gold rating increases as time pass by.

The best way to invest gold is to put up in physical gold e.g gold coins, gold bullions. Most other gold coins are expensive and  better avoided, at least by serious gold investors. It is advisable to invest gold bars, krugerrands and gold sovereigns as  gold investments. However, sovereigns are worth paying a slight extra premium for, because of their smaller size, and the historic and aesthetic values The most effective ways of investing in physical gold are as follows:

Gold sovereign

Sovereigns are a smaller, more attractive, more historic. If you can buy sovereigns for about 2% differential above krugerrands, this makes them a better long term buy.

Krugerrand gold

Krugerrands are the best known of all the modern one ounce gold bullion coin. They are available in greater quantities, and they can generally be bought at lower prices than any other one ounce bullion coins.