Wishful thinking

1:19 AM Ritz 0 Comments

I am so confused on what to do with my room. It is so messy and the windows are not good. I don't have a good cabinet and a good mirror. My room seems not a girl's room but a boy's room. Yeah, have you seen blankets and pillows all over the place? Clothes everywhere? Well, if you haven't seen one just visit my room. ^^

You must be wondering about the photo above. Hmmm... it's the opposite of my room right now and badly want my room to be clean like that and windows with custom window blinds or just  a custom size shades. The window design adds beauty to the room. It looks cool, right? Plus, the color is eye-friendly... Coffee color looks elegant. I just love it! Hays, makes me want to by the discount custom blinds I saw at the store. 

One day this wish of mine will come true... in right time... right place ^^. Having a room like this is possible. Wait and let's see.