Hearing and Vision Program

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Hearing and Vision are important senses because it creates our 3-dimensional perception of the environment. Just imagine without having this two senses? Could you possibly live normal and do the things normal people do? What do you think?

I have seen a lot of older people suffering from hearing and vision loss . Some of them undergo treatment but most of them left untreated because of financial constraint. However, life is not that cruel. Government and private health cares could not just ignore the suffering that's why there are vision and hearing loss programs where ophthalmologists and optometrists voluntarily help people to gain their previous vision and hearing as much as possible.

There's a vision and hearing program I've heard and the name of it is "PHSI Hearing Program" this program allows people to offer vision and hearing care together in one location. Patients  like the convenience of receiving attention and care for the sensory deficits of older age under one roof and with a clinical team that they have already come to know and trust. The PHSI Hearing Program  practitioners are licensed clinical who are fully credentialed to perform hearing testing, hearing aid evaluations, consultation and fitting, and to refer patients as needed for more specialized consultation.