How to Train Your Dragon

10:49 AM Ritz 0 Comments

I've watched another movie 'How to Train Your Dragon' from the Cressida Cowell book. The movie was a about a teenage boy named Hiccup who lives on an island where fighting dragons separates the men from the boys. Hiccup, a thin can't-fight-dragon, son of the Vikings' chieftain, Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler), Hiccup is definitely still a boy but he already reached the age where he must face the rite of passage of slaying a dragon. The problem is that Hiccup don't have the guts to kill a dragon.

Hiccup has no friends and is always saved by his father and villagers. He soon finds himself at a crossroads when he begins dragon training with the other youths in his tribe but Hiccup discovers that maybe the dragons fear the humans as much as they fear them. 

Will Hiccup finally become the man his father wants him to be by killing a dragon, or will he change the way villagers believe about dragons? Watch the trailer!