The Importance of Website Testing

1:03 PM Ritz 0 Comments

The website you've built may look great on your computer and seem to run great when testing it locally, but these few simple tests will not give you a true success indicator of your Website Testing. Even if the design of your site is brilliant, all of your work will be wasted if the site is inaccessible to the public or runs poorly.

One important area of Website Testing that you do not want to overlook is the speed at which the site pages load. Test the site using several connection speeds and send it out to as many people as possible for them to test the loading speed and testing your site on different browsers. This will help you cover your bases on ensuring that any site visitors using slow connection speeds will not experience slow loading times.

You will also want to conduct Website Testing on all links within your site. Be sure that you have checked all links to ensure that they work and are linking to the correct destination. Visitors will not give much credibility to your site if the links within it don't work or take them to the wrong place. As long as you are on the link checking portion of Website Testing, go ahead and edit your website text to be sure it is free of errors. This will also add to the credibility and professionalism of your site.

One way to bypass the work of Website Testing on your own is to hire a company to do the work of creating and testing the site. This is an especially good idea if you do not have a background in Website Testing or building. An outside company that specializes in website building will have a formal process that they go through in order to make sure every aspect of your site has been tested and retested for functionality.