The Longboard Skateboards!

4:16 AM Ritz 0 Comments

I know i'm not that good on skateboards, and never will be. I have fears in flying with these things. But i have some fascinations with these longboard skateboards. They are sleek, designable, some with unique designs, and colorful too. They also come in different length. Well, you may choose from buying them directly or building your own. Choose whatever you want. Whatever may seem cool for you. Customizing them might be a better answer for those who have gone to many times of skateboarding, or seem like a pro! For those beginners, you may select some directly from the rack. Hope your skateboard is already complete in pieces. First of, have that skateboard deck. Then, the set of skateboard trucks, the wheels, the bearings, the riser pads, some skateboard hardware, the grip tapes, and a skate key.

The skateboard decks length is measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Usually the board length averages from 28"-32". And the width is at 7.5"-8.25". These are influenced by the size of the rider. Basically, the length and width are the basic things you wanted to know first because it depends on you, and the other parts of the skateboard depend on these too.

So, if ever you wanna try these skateboards, think of these things. Have fun!