Scott Kay: Defying all Conceptions

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It’s an all too simple thing to be wary. It’s an even simpler thing to refuse risks of any kind. The market is fickle and companies wish to remain safe, to stay within the familiar boundaries. But none could accuse Scott Kay of playing within the established rules. Instead he seeks to change the game entirely; offering himself as the new challenger and offering his work as the missing pieces. The puzzle can now be solved.

Art has too long been defined by careful lines and dull patterns. Diamonds are without passion. Emeralds are without envy. They shine only from labor, not from love. But the Scott Kay brand wants instead to breathe new focus within the designs. Silver and white gold combine; elaborate jewels are offered. And the result is an unanticipated collection, with patterns tailored for all.

Engagement rings, religious pendants, cuff links, eternity bands and more can now be found. A wide selection for both men and women is available; bringing choice, not caution. The pieces are without equal. They are truly one of a kind.

Scott Kay: Bold and Breathtaking

Since its founding in 1984 (after its namesake graduated from the prestigious Manhattan Fashion Institute of Technology), the Scott Kay company has been seeking conventions and quickly scrambling over them. Its reliance on platinum, which was once believed to be a dying art-form, and its unique stone cuts soon separated it from all competitors. But it was its quality designs that soon made it a favored choice. Everything was elegant. Everything was uncommon.

Celebrating jewelry for all, this brand has become one of the most popular in the world; and it seems poised to continue its unexpected domination. With Scott Kay there is only one certainty: fashion will never be the same. And, consumers won’t wish it to be.