ADT Security Saves Lives

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ADT has been providing exceptional security and home monitoring toAmerican families for many years. ADT does more than just provide security in case of intruders. ADT security and home monitoring can be the first line of defense in an emergency. You will be amazed by thereal-life stories of ADT customers who have a reason for their loyalty to ADT security.

Disabled Veteran Says ADT Security Saved His Life

George Fleischman, a disable man, was transferring himself from his wheelchair to his electronic wheelchair when he fell to the ground. The wheelchair rolled on top of him, trapping him beneath the 490-pound chair and cutting off circulation to his brain.

"I couldn't reach my cell phone, and I wasn't strong enough to lift the wheelchair off me," Fleischman said. "I felt myself losing consciousness. The last thing I did before I blacked out was press the button on my Companion Service pendant and talk to ADT."

The ADT Security representative who took the call informed the police of the situation. The police arrived on the scene in minutes and were able to provide Fleischman with the necessary medical attention. Help was only a button-push away.

Home Fire Survivor

Mike Edwards fell asleep while his dinner was cooking on the stove. A fire broke out, which activated the heat sensor of his home security monitoring system in his kitchen. The heat sensor immediately sent a signal to ADT security, who in turn contacted the local fire department. Firefighters arrived on the scene and broke down the door. The paramedics found Mr. Edwards lying near the door, overcome by the thick smoke.

After the accident, Edwards said, "If it weren't for you insisting that I needed fire protection that went beyond the battery-type smoke detectors, I'd be dead right now. I'll never again be without an ADT system in my home."