Clear Broadband

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Clear broadband Internet uses a super-fast 4G network to keep your home and mobile devices online and up to speed. The 4G network offered by Clear's broadband Internet is approximately four times faster than 3G (and it totally blows 2G Internet coverage out of the water). Your life is fast-paced, so don't let your Internet slow you down.

Clear uses WiMAX wireless technology to keep your devices connected to the Internet at all times, so you're never out of touch with the rest of the world. You could set your computer to download several albums before you head to work, then use your mobile device to text your friends while you're on your way to the office—all with the same Clear broadband Internet network. The 4G network is incredibly fast, so you can surf, chat, and email with lightning-quick speeds. When your Internet is as fast as you are, there's no limit to what you can do when you're online.

It's probably more affordable than you think to get the Clear broadband experience for your mobile devices, home computers, and home phone. Plans start as low as $30 monthly, and Clear offers four different plans so you can cover your specific Internet needs. Clear keeps your devices constantly connected to the 4G WiMax network (barring weather and technical difficulties), so you can surf, download, and stream videos at will.
Clear broadband is available in cities across the United States, with more new locations connecting up every month. Clear's 4G WiMax Internet brings you the latest technology, the fastest speeds and the best connectivity. Why should your Internet experience be anything less than the best and fastest available? You'll get that with Clear Broadband Internet with WiMAX.