Dreaming for a shiny hair...

8:57 PM Ritz 0 Comments

I always dreamed of a shiny  healthy hair. A long hair that sparkles even under the heat of the sun, glowing hair  and free of tangles. 

Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of hair. Instead, I have a dry, brittle long hair. A hair that burns under the sun. A hair that never glows and full of tangles. It's totally the opposite of what I always dreamed of.

Anyway, true beauty is not seen on the hair unless you'll only look from the back... then pretty hair matters, right? However, having a good hair adds beauty. I could not deny the fact that many guys love long and shiny hairs. 

So, to all girls out there who have dry brittle hair like me... it's not the end of us. We can still find ways such as using Chaz Dean conditioner or get a hair re-bond. 

Let us not lose hope... keep dreaming and keep working.