I got a Job!

11:48 PM Ritz 0 Comments

It's been almost a year now since I passed the Nursing Board Exam and I never got a job not until now. I did undergo several trainings without salary. Yes, I've been on training for 6 months without any salary, benefits, or allowance. It's cruel I know but that's the life of a nurse I guess. Due to the increasing production of Nurses  with less Hospitals, I guess that's the result : UNEMPLOYMENT.

But hey! Life was not that cruel to me because after 6 months of training I was hired by the Hospital as a Hemodialysis Nurse.  The salary is low... minimum wage of php 300, working hours : 8 hours. Yeah, too little salary but it's okay because I am after of the EXPERIENCE, not the SALARY. So, its fine with me. Hehe...

Looking forward for a better FUTURE.