Blow! It's too Hot...

9:31 PM Ritz 0 Comments

... at Dad's room. I am here blogging and it's too hot. I don't know why it's so hot in here... no proper ventilation. Maybe, this room needs airconditioner to cool the surroundings. Err, I am sweating a lot in here.. I better go and blog at the living room.

Ah, better. I am here now... glad I have a laptop and wifi connection at home. I can blog and surf  anywhere in the house. I could be in my dad's room, living room, kitchen, backyard, front yard and even in the bathroom.

Anyway, one of our PC is not functioning well. The built fan is not turning anymore. Maybe it needs a new axial fans or a power supply in order to function again. Oh well, I'll be it tomorrow... for now, need some rest and time for blogging.