Kind Hoster Contest: Officially Closed

11:59 PM Ritz 0 Comments

Kind Hoster contest is officially closed as of my time 11:59 PM +8:00 GMT. Once again I thank you for the participants who joined the contest. Please be informed that the contest results will be announced 10 AM +8:00 GMT. So please stay tuned till the results.

Here are the final list of Participants:
1. Jo
2. Mary Grace
3. Ellen
4. Mary Grace 2
5. Jenskie
6. Ann
7. Sourav
8. Hyanne
9. Sherry
10. Sherry 2
11. Sherry 3
12. Elai

Good Luck and Thank you for Joining... Please stay tuned til that time, I'll be announcing something that you'd really like ^_^. See you there!