Residential Property Management Company Owners, Consider Joining the NARPM

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he National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) is an organization for real estate professionals who handle single-family and other small residential properties. Founded in 1988, the organization offers a learning environment for owners of property management companies, as well as the property managers themselves, and office staff.

There are three types of NARPM members: Professional Members, Support Specialist Members, and Affiliate Members. A Professional Member is one who acts as a real estate agent for other people, and is licensed in states that require it. A Support Specialist is someone who works with the Professional Member, as either office staff or support, and do not require a license. An Affiliate Member is one who’s part of a residential property management company. Both Support Specialists and Affiliate Members are non-voting members of the organization.

The NARPM represents a large group of property managers who oversee assets that can reach over billions of dollars. These property managers have no say in important matters, such as tax law, legal document requirements, insurance, building codes, and zoning. The organization represents the property managers, as well as their clients, and helps deal with these matters.
The NARPM currently represents over 2,500 members. Membership is comprised of real estate agents, brokers, managers, and employers. By joining the organization, you’ll receive the same benefits they do, including being able to find a better selection of renters, providing background checks, and pre-screening potential renters. The organization can also help you maintain contracts to help you save money and take care of rental listings. By joining, you’ll also be entitled to use your property management fees as a tax deduction.

Made up of real estate professionals who know exactly what kind of problems and challenges you face as a property manager of single-family and other small residential properties. Consider joining the NARPM to help you with your business.