Surface Hepa B antigen and antibody screening Test

5:14 PM Ritz 0 Comments

I went to a Diagnostic Center to check on my Hepa B Antibody and Antigen. The result is the photo above. 

Hbs Antigen - Non Reactive
Hbs Antibody - Reactive

The result above shows that I have no Hepa B Antigen... meaning, my blood does not contain a Hepa B VIRUS. Yes, a communicable virus that can be transmitted blood to blood, sexual  intercourse, needle puncture, and break of the skin or mucus membrane.

Hepa B Antibody - Reactive. This means that my body have developed an antibody of the Hepa Virus. Antibody is responsible for eliminating the Hepa B Virus. It serves as the soldiers that kills foreign virus specifically, Hepa B Virus.  You can get this antibody through vaccination. Yes, 3 shots of Hepa B Vaccine. 

I hardly recommend to get yourself vaccinated for your own protection. Especially, if you are a medical health care provide... it's a must to get vaccinated on this.