Use Sentinel for Dogs to Treat and Prevent Worms

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Sentinel is a flavored tablet you give your dog to prevent heartworms, control adult hookworms, and remove and control roundworms and whipworms. They also have the added bonus of breaking the life cycle of fleas. You can use Sentinel for dogs, as well as puppies that are at least four weeks old, and weigh more than two pounds. It is safe to use on female dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

Sentinel is beef-flavored, so they seem like another treat to your dog, and is easy to give it. You’ll want to give it once a month, preferably at the same time each month. It should be given every month throughout the year, with no breaks in between doses. Give it to your dog with or following a meal to ensure complete absorption of the medication. Be sure he or she eats the entire tablet. If any part of the tablet is not eaten for one reason or another, administer part of another to ensure they received the full dose they require.

Your vet will tell you how much of the medication is required for your dog, usually depending on his or her weight. You can also find the box with the weight area your dog falls into when purchasing Sentinel. If your dog has or has had any form of worms, you’ll want to seek treatment from a vet before administering any medication. He or she can determine the best method of treating the worms, and then recommend sentinel for current outbreaks, or to prevent future ones.

Your vet will also want to check your dog to make sure it doesn’t currently have any worms before starting it on Sentinel. You should let your vet know about any medications or problems your dog has at the time of the testing.