New Clothing to Celebrate Your Weight Loss

9:30 AM Ritz 0 Comments

One of the best things about losing weight is getting to buy new clothes. Sure, you might still make good use of some sweatshirts because you can throw them on over your form-fitting long-sleeve T-shirt when it’s chilly outside. Otherwise, much of your clothing is going to wind up in the donation bin. Before you give away your closet, consider which outfits you could have altered to fit your sleeker body. It might be worth a few bucks to keep some of your favorites in your wardrobe rotation.

Once you’ve figured out what you can keep and what you can give away, think about what you want to buy. (Yes, this is the fun part!) Since you’ve set and achieved your weight loss goal, you definitely deserve to splurge on some beautiful clothing that will show off your fit and toned body. You can now wear those thin sleeveless tops by Calvin Klein, the outrageous and flirty dresses by Betsey Johnson, and sexy miniskirts by French Connection.

And let’s not forget the jeans. Like me, you’ve probably admired those skinny jeans that seem made for super models. Now, you finally have the body to wear them yourself. Consider looking at jeans by brands like DSQUARED2, True Religion, and Moschino. These are top-of-the-line brands that specialize in ultra sexy jeans.

As you re-make your wardrobe, keep a few things in mind. Think about whether you have achieved your goal or whether you plan to lose five more pounds. When you’re buying high-quality, fitted clothing, five pounds lighter or heavier could make the difference between buying one size over another. Also keep this in mind if you're unsure whether you’ll keep the weight off long term. Finally, don’t neglect to buy the right shoes and accessories to go with your new clothes.

Be proud of what you’ve done and reward yourself accordingly!