How to start blogging?

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This is quite a comprehensive topic, there are certain aspects that needs to be considered in order to start a blog. And one of those aspects which I will tackle is the technical aspect. Which means, I will be discussing on this post on how to technically start blogging.

Given that you already know what a blog is, how it works and has decided what to blog about, then these steps will guide you what to do next.

To start off:

Step 1: Find a host for your blog – this step is very important, you need to consider a lot of things like budget, trust and the features they offer for bloggers. You have to decide on one host that you are comfortable with  and can support your blog for years to come. When it comes to budget you can always choose a free host like or, they are very popular to bloggers. But if you want to have full control over your files then a shared host would be perfect (i.e., etc.)

Step 2: Choose a domain name – this is also the title of your blog and another important step. You have to carefully choose a domain name that is relevant to your main topic. For example, if you decide on making a blog about Health specifically on pediatrics then you would want to choose a domain names like,, or any of sorts. You can use your name only if you are promoting your profile as an expert in this field. This is also true for sub-domains if you rather want to choose free blogging. For choosing the right registrar, I would suggest,, and Any domain registrar will do as long as you have trust on them.

Step 3: Install Wordpress – if you are using shared hosting, then choosing wordpress is recommended. It is already proven to be the best blogging platform of all time, not only because of its flexibility and customizability but also because they already have the features that bloggers need to succeed - plugins, themes, etc.

Step 4: Set up pages – an about page, contact, and privacy policy. Google as well as readers love these pages. They are likely to build trust and readership to your blog. Make it professional, simple, yet effective.

Step 5: Start posting – start to write, get naked (not literally), pull the plug and don’t settle for the ordinary. This will make your blog more interesting and many will opt to read. Remember to put images on your posts, this is an effective strategy to further convey your message to the readers. Anything that is simple yet is capable in exuberating beauty and attraction would have higher likelihood of getting success.

Starting a blog is not yet the real challenge. Maintaining, communicating and making it significant to the readers are the real deal. Fortunately, this is the most fun part about blogging.