Different Kinds of Hosting Services

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Because of the fast progress that has occurred in worldwideweb and the industrial revolution, people realized the field of online presence as a necessity not a luxury.Having a website of its own offers a way to show their products & services worldwide with a single-click, and you can reach thousands of millions of customer around the globe. However, to recognize that goal, you need to have the right kind of Hosting services as well.

What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service where you can host your website and make it visible to people interested in your products & services. You can find different kinds of hosting services offered by a lot of hosting providers in the market. But before you choose the hosting you want, you need to familiarize the different types of web hosting.

Linux Hosting:
The Linux hosting platform is compatible with Linux. The cPanel is used to control entire account in this type of hosting. They are going to very popular now days.

Windows Hosting:
The most widely used platform is Windows Hosting. In this hosting features Windows compatible with Windows platform.

Reseller Hosting:
Reseller Hosting, the provider rent the space and bandwidth to other end user. They also provide the facility of control panel and FTP access for complete accessing and managing each and every activity of the website.

Shared Hosting:
A shared hosting service that requires sharing the same server to its various clients and will do the managed hosting and monitor the server, along with customer support.

Dedicated Hosting:
A dedicated hosting is comparatively more sophisticated type of accommodation, as there is a dedicated server for each client. You can rent a complete server & use it entirely with having all the resources to accommodate over a web-site. Dedicated hosting provides greater reliability to customers. Also, other hosting service offer colocation which is best for web-based businesses who already own their servers, but want to place their hardware in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, temperature control, and security.