The Very Popular Rolex President Dials

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The Rolex president dial was named so after President Eisenhower got his own model. These watches were initially introduced as small wrist watches to help the people keep time so as to manage their appointments and schedules. The first president dial had been introduced in 1905 much to the positive response of the people. There are many Rolex watches for sale that are available in the market. The president dial is one of the ones that have the highest demand. This watch is not only water proof but also dust proof. The feature of being water proof gives swimmers the liberty to swim with their watches up to a depth of about one hundred metres. However, there are other models that have been created specifically for swimmers and other professions that require special features such as deep sea divers who have the Rolex submariner. The back is screwed on and this is beneficial because children are not able to remove the cover and this protects the elements of the watch. These Rolex watches are more popular with the women although there are variations for the men. The different models for the men and the women have similarities but there are distinguishing characteristics and features that are made specifically to suit each gender.

 The President displays the time and the date on the face and one can be able to change the date without having to tamper with the time settings. Like any other watch, the President is very expensive which also explains why there are replicas. To find an authentic Rolex, visit However, replicas are a cheaper way of enjoying the same perks that authentic Rolex owners enjoy. This is because there has been growing precision as to how the replicas are in relation to the authentic watches. However, the replicas are made from less precious materials, that is, the metals and the stones.